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3 years away from home

Dateline — Somewhere Over Europe. So on the 10th of August I officially left home to further my personal development and ventures — if you’re not yet familiar with that article, you can check it out here. 721 Uber/Grab drives over 150 flights over 130 different bookings via a quick overview of places visited so far. What was the […]

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2017 what a year.
first a huge shoutout and thanks to all of our creative partners, club members and investors. I am very proud what we have achieved in this 2 years of being the first and leading club of location independent entrepreneurs. What kept us busy? A huge milestone was achieved in the space of social media [...]
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Warum man seine App Designs mustern sollte
Häufiger verwenden Benutzeroberflächen (UI) Designer und User Experience (UX) Designer App-Prototyping-Tools, um ihre UI-Designs auf Test-Laufwerke früher im App-Lebenszyklus zu nehmen. Diese Fähigkeit kann ein Gamechanger sein, in einigen Fällen die Beseitigung von Barrieren für schnelle Iteration und Entwicklung, die Teams in der Vergangenheit verpasst haben - Dinge wie Spät gelieferte Benutzer Testdaten, Last-Minute-Tweaks, langsamere [...]
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Devcon day 1 recap
In case you are busy and don’t want to view the complete 8 hours of video on youtube, let us help you filter it a little bit with a few catchy headlines. Devcon3 Day 1 writeup How they communicated it to the congress SEC regulation tokens regulations and AML token classification paypal vs [...]
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No Limit to invest 250k SGD in Blockchain R&D
Why we will invest over 250k SGD in blockchain R&D projects over the next 3 years We at No Limit are watching Blockchain already very closely since early 2016. Its potential is great but for all its potential the ecosystem needs great and motivate people. Recently through all the ICO hype, Vitalik mentioned that only [...]
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