1. UI Design
  2. Corporate Identity
  3. Software Development
  4. Photoshooting


Create a proof of concept of a intuitive, responsive and fun to use food ordering platform.


PHP, Zendframework, HTML, Adobe Photoshop, Google Apps


MVP established under


intuitive and easy to use ordering tool for food. Myfood, associated with your food, your style. The customer wanted every aspect of the product perfect. So we made it perfect.

The idea

MyFood strives to position itself as a strategic partnership between online market and production facilities. The proposed program is therefore a win-win solution to all parties involved. Moreover, the software architecture and website format will be wireless-friendly thus designing the service in such a way that consumers will later be able to easily use it via Smartphone and Tablet.

How its solved

Gap:The ultimate benefit of the program is that it brings easy organic food ordering to every user who wants to eat healthy but is not able to cook it by himself or just don’t have the time to. Even if you want to get out of the office and eat at a restaurant, MyFood provides you the information you need what you get at which restaurant for what price. Due to lack of current competition, MyFood has the first-mover advantage and is well positioned to establish itself as the leader in the newly created service category.
Mission: Is to provide a solution for everybody, to configure and order his desired high quality organic food online and of course with best price guarantee.