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Why the name No Limit?

I’m sure everyone has heard, “You cant do it, you cant do it!” I myself have proven it many, many times—enough to know that archaic, rigid systems are just bullshit. Try it for yourself and you will see, there’s always a way.
Nothing is impossible.

..and why a tulip?

The tulip, well it’s very valuable, good, elegant, and it’s timeless.
You should think of No Limit’s logo like an elegant accessory representing elegance, security, wealth and access to everything one could want.


Relentless focus on customer satisfaction

We bring qualified, competent, proven entrepreneurs together to build and support the ideas and startups of hard-working SMEs. We have the connections, the building blocks to make things work more effectively on both sides—saving a bunch of time and money in the process, again for both sides. This creates the opportunity for wealth and freedom for all parties involved because we work hard and know our shit. We all get results and don’t have to get bogged down in traditional, old-school methods or approaches only because a lot of society hasn’t yet “caught up”.

No Limit signs strategic partnership with major law firms, banks and trustees. To help SMEs and Entrepreneurs evaluate how blockchain can help and explore potential awareness through an ICO.

Difference between Location Independent Entrepreneur and Digital Nomad

Location Independent Entrepreneur (LIE)

  • No tax residency
  • No permanent residence
  • Usually stays in upper class Airbnbs, sometimes capsule hotels or up to 40 nights per year in 5 star properties
  • Spends his expenses with a digital bank like n26
  • Uses more than 2 Laptops
  • Usually stays not longer then 2 months in the same country
  • Has a steady asset base of cars, properties, others
  • Travels typically with 50-150k in reserves
  • Air travels normally business class or premium economy if possible
  • Knows how important health is and tend to work out also while on the road
  • Lives everywhere
location independent entrepreneur vs digital nomad

Digital Nomad (DN)

  • Tend to go back to traditional work after 1-2 years of travel.
    Usually stay with other DNs in a rented Airbnb or Coliving space
  • Usually just uses one Laptop
  • Usually too young to build yet any assets
  • Travels typically with 5-10k in reserves
  • Air travels economy low cost carriers only
  • Health is not so important but party is
  • Lives in Chiang Mai or other low cost place

A salary won't make you rich or happy—find out what will!

Work on products building value with great people and solve real world problems. For that, you should decrease your fixed costs, leading to quicker financial independence. On $500 USD you can live like royalty. Bask in all the freedom you need to be focused and execute long-term Projects—projects which can lead to huge success with complete financial independence for you and your inner circle.

Note – only 1 out of 10 startups can survive.


Why we created No Limit and why joining it?

We are top performers. You might compare us to the private mercenary company, Blackwater—we jump in when there is a very difficult job which may see, unsurmountable. It may mean another entrepreneur needs help or a big corporate wants to adopt certain digital technologies. We find solutions for most of the digital problems out there. That’s our USP (unique selling proposition)—the bigger the problem, the more fun and challenging for us. The majority of the time, we deliver top-quality for a fraction of the real market value. We stopped working hourly a long time ago. If you still find yourself trapped working in that archaic model, you should see this video this video.

See what Marcel one of our founders had to say

After leaving Switzerland having too much on my plate it was time time to refocus and reflect the past 4 years as entrepreneur. You can read more detailed about it here.

No Limit® Experience Service

We want to see you grow with your achievements and continue to develop your character with experiences through travel, adventure and food. We saw an increasing pattern of success amongst people who tend to refresh their minds during the week. How? Well, it can take many forms: it may be rafting in Bali, cliff diving, computer LAN party or simply racing with a sport car.

We think experiences are the key to ultimate happiness.


No Limit will place themself at the league of famous VCs and Investment Banks

We want to be better then top 10 – sexy and for entrepreneurs only.

We believe this is the scalability we need, along with an HR who understands company culture—seeing each individual as important asset.

Forget about times where you had managers telling you what to do, micromanaging your work. We’ve all had bosses who hover, stay working too late, etc., but they don’t recognize the difference between who performs and who doesn’t, between the one who goes home on time or the one who stays late to finish work. Isn’t that sad? What value-add or recognition is health in their micromanaging? There has to be another way!

We follow a different approach—you know exactly as much as management; they have a role to serve you, and work to ensure that you as an individual have the platform to succeed and get shit done.

We care about results. What do we mean by that? Well, our partners should be happy, ending up with a great product delivered meeting their expectations and on time—for a fraction of the market value. We save them the time of having to go through the hassle of searching for and hiring top performers and firing non-performers.

We make sure you as individual location-independent entrepreneur have everything you need to top perform through the day and deliver maximum value for No Limit and its partners.

We also believe that the traditional approach to education—i.e. College and/or university—is not the end all and be all to bring value to our team. What entrepreneurs need is  more practical education, similar to what a few institutions are trying to do. In fact, there are a very few institutions starting at elementary school levels to build future entrepreneurs.

We also want to give back to the ecosystem to teach you how business, marketing, IT and design work in a startup environment. And no, you don’t need to take on big debt to get involved. Once you start working, a certain percentage goes to the No Limit WeGrow Fund (soon), all of which goes to further dedicate time, resources and many more to future entrepreneurs.

No Limit Capital

We take Entrepreneurial Investmentbanking serious. We provide you with access to a network of selected individual, institutional funds, VCs, family offices and lately also Crypto syndicates. Use this chance to place your venture in front of their eyes and make sure to receive the right attention so that the invested time pays off.

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